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The World Future Forums event is a concept designed and brought to life by our parent company Dynamic Thought. Hosting our inaugural World Future Forums event in London 2019 was hugely successful and we will continue building on our success with events planned in London, Dubai, New York and Tripoli. We have also identified key economic Countries across Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia with a vision to bring our events to these destinations over 2022-2023.

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2019/2020 Forum Theme
Reimagining education, Skills and employment for 2030

London | Dubai | New York | Tripoli |2020-2021

Education and Training in the Exponential Era

Technology is transforming every corner of society, and as we enter into the Forth Industrial Revolution the rise of increasingly powerful and capable automation, cognitive and robotics technologies will have a significant impact on jobs within every industry sector. We’ll be discussing how today’s industrial age education and training strategies, as well as some of the more forward thinking education strategies need to be re-invented for the modern age.

Work and the Workplace in the Exponential Era

Transformative technologies are re-shaping the world of work and the workplace as we know it, creating both opportunity and uncertainty for companies and individuals alike. We examine the technologies driving the transformation, and how companies can harness them for the benefit of all.

Emerging Technology and the new social contract

Increasingly powerful technologies are helping to decentralise and democratise industries, and along with it the balance of power and wealth. We examine technology’s role in helping alleviate an increasingly polarised society.

Emerging Technology and the Dystopian State

Emerging technologies can be harnessed for great good, but in the wrong hands they can also help build dystopian states that curtail and suppress individual freedoms, we shine a spotlight on the dark side of technology.

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Jess Hartley


Jess has 20 years events experience with an accomplished and proven track record of driving the launch and production of successful, high quality events and business programmes both nationally and internationally across all formats.


Dave Martin


Dave is considered an industry expert; with over 30 years publishing experience for an international news magazine, working in distribution, circulation, sales, finance and licensing for print and digital platforms around the globe.